Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Year Gone By

Yesterday was our 7th anniversary...and we both COMPLETELY forgot about it! Thanks Brittany for reminding us :-)!

We had talked last month about the fact it was coming up and how next year we would have to do something fun like take a trip without kids, but things have just been crazy! With a newborn, the end of the school year, and trying to get everything organized for the big road trip (We leave Friday to go to San Antonio for Chrissy and Zach's wedding...then Preston and I are heading back home with my family while Mike and the girls stay behind and head out with his family on a road trip to California to go camping and visit family. This means I need to organize wedding clothes, camping clothes, Fresno clothes, snacks and activities, etc. while Mike is getting the car and camping stuff ready) we are in survival mode. So, we have good excuses, right?! Last year I posted photos from each year of marriage, so I thought this year I would try to think of the big milestones we have accomplished together each year...we felt more like "real" adults with each one :-).
Year 1: I guess nothing too major this year...we settled into our first little place together, worked, went to school, explored Utah and took little trips just because we felt like it.
Year 2: We both graduated from BYU.
Year 3: We bought our first car together, Gabriella was born and we moved to Houston.
Year 4: We moved to Katy and bought our first house.
Year 5: We bought our second house and Adeline was born.
Year 6: No stressful decisions to be made! We did buy our second car in anticipation of another baby on the way.
Year 7: And then he came...Preston was born!

Happy Anniversary Mike! I love you SO much and am so thankful to be making this journey with you. You are an amazing husband and father and a great example to me. Thank you for your patience, your willingness to help, and for loving me! Here's to remembering our anniversary next year when life isn't so crazy :-)!


Annemarie said...

Happy Anniversary!

(that is too funny that you forgot...I completely get it!)

Christina Bambina said...

That's funny! You have so much going on right now that you both forgot! I think it's actually a little cute!

Happy 7th year!

KelleyAnne said...

Happy Anniversary♥

Melissa said...

That is too funny about your anniversary! Hope you get a chance to celebrate at some point. You guys have been married about 3 weeks longer than us :) We will hit 7 years on 6/22.

Stephanie said...

Marci! - You guys didn't even make it 10 years before a forgotten anniversary. That is so understandable hearing all that you have going on right now - wow. Good luck with all of it and have a great time!

Diane said...

I guess I am feeling sentimental because I am about to pass off another child to her eternal companion. But I want you to know how much I appreciate the wife and mother you are to your family and it makes me so very happy to see that you truely love and appreciate all that Mike is. We do our best to raise them and then cross our fingers that they will find someone wonderful....we have been blessed 3 times in this respect!

Katie B said...

Ha ha, happy anniversary! You guys have a whole lot of great things!

Liz L said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the family photo - especially Addie's scowl - so cute!

Kristin said...


That's the blog that I found it on, and from where I stole the picture, I TOTALLY forgot to take a picture :(