Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Baby

Step 1: Focus on entertaining person/thing.
Step 2: Decide you like what you see and begin the smile.
Step 3: Let the smile take over (and show off those dimples)!
And then resume serious, contemplating expression.
Other Preston updates...he goes in for a check-up tomorrow (6 weeks) so we'll see what he weighs and how long he is. I'm very curious because he seems SO much bigger to me! He is sleeping about the same still. I am experimenting with trying to keep him up a little later at night to see if I can get him to sleep for a better stretch, giving myself more consecutive hours of sleep, keep your fingers crossed! And lastly, Preston is SO strong! Mike noticed his little calf muscles a couple weeks ago and it's pretty hilarious to see his little legs flex when we stand him up. Over the past couple days he has started pushing all the way up on his arms when on his tummy that he tips over and falls onto his back. He's obviously not doing it on purpose, but still, I was shocked the first time he did it (as was he)!


Diane said...

Great pictures of Preston. He really looks older, the newborn look is completely gone...I can't wait to see him again (just 4 days!)

Christina Bambina said...

Your kids just get cuter by the minute!

Brittany said...

awww he has dimples!

Kayley said...

haha his little smile is SO cute! I can't wait to see him- he's changed so much since we met him!

Kim said...

Things get so fun as soon as they can smile! What a doll!