Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hooray For Houston!

Time to back track - this is from last weekend (my last hurrah before flying out to CA).
We LOVE it in Houston and it's always exciting when other friends and family come and join us here! Most recently I heard Katie and her husband were moving here for med school and now one of my old college roomies will probably moving here too! Kim and her little family came to check out the area last weekend and it was SO fun to see her and meet her husband and baby. Unfortunately they won't be coming to Katy, but they'll be close! Wyatt is 4 months old and SOOO cute! He made me excited for Preston to get a little bigger - it's amazing what a difference those few months make right now in how much they are able to do. I was sad she didn't get to meet Ella and Addie, but it looks like there will be plenty of time for that to come - hooray!
We went to get some Mexican and Kim got the fried, stuffed avocado. It is DELISH, but as you can see from the looks of it, not the healthiest :-). You have to try it once though! Preston was getting a little fussy at the end and I pulled him out of his carseat. When our waiter asked how old he was I told him it was his 1 month birthday that day and that he really deserved some ice cream. I was hopeful he would really bring some, but he didn't...although I have to give him some credit for bringing us this little cup of whipped cream with a cherry on top! Thanks for the fun visit guys...I can't wait for you to become Texans too!
It has taken me all night to catch up on emails and blogs (and Preston is sleeping away so this probably wasn't the best decision-I should take advantage), but I was so excited to see this picture in my inbox I had to share. When Kayley came to visit a couple weeks ago we bought canvases for her to paint some things for Preston's room and she finished the name plaque! I told her to do whatever she thought but that I wanted it to not be too baby-ish and it's perfect!


Christina Bambina said...

I missed your posts! Welcome back!!! Glad your "get away" went well and that the car was fixed in a jiff!

Kim said...

Woo-hoo! I made the blog! Glad you're back and blogging... I missed my daily dose of Marci news.