Thursday, June 11, 2009

NOW I'm Sad!

Mike just sent me these pictures from the phone...I think I forgot how cute the girlies are! Because of the bad reception where they are I haven't really talked to them for a couple days and I am missing them all, but it looks like they are having fun! Hopefully Ella found a log to sit on too...when we bought the little camping chairs before they left Ella said, "But, I just wanted to sit on a log!"


Kayley said...

that's really funny about Ella wanting to sit on a log- she must have seen that in a book or something and thought that's what you do when you go camping! :)

Brittany said...

both girls look just like veteran campers in those pictures! I love the log story

KelleyAnne said...

They really are so cute. I be their having the time of their life with Meema and Papa too.

Stephanie said...

Those are so cute!