Friday, July 17, 2009


Remember when I blogged long ago about how Preston took his first bottles like a champ?
Well, times have changed.
Because he had done so well I figured we were in the clear and we didn't give him one for a few weeks...I mean, if I didn't have to pump, I didn't want to! Critical error. The next time we tried to give Preston his bottle he wanted NOTHING to do with it!
Again and again he refused, he got mad, he gagged, he freaked out.
We tried the Avent bottles Addie loved, the Evenflo ones Ella picked out as her favorites and still no luck. Luckily I had not yet taken our donation pile out yet and I dug in and found the sample bottles we were sent in the mail/got at the hospital so we could try some other options. The first one, "Breastflow," Preston hated and I was really getting nervous...this had seemed like the best option.
And then finally, we found success!!! Preston has picked his very own favorite...the Playtex Nurser. It would have been nice if at least 2 of the 3 had picked the same brand, but I'm just relieved to know I have some freedom and that Preston won't starve when I take it!
(and I just noticed after typing this that they each picked a bottle brand that started with the first letter of their name...weird! Ella/Evenflo, Addie/Avent, Preston/Playtex)
We loved Sea World, have been eating lots of yummy food and we head home tomorrow!
No post is complete without some pictures though and Chrissy took some pictures of us this is a preview.


Annemarie said...

I love, love, love these pictures!

Cheryl Joy said...

I love the picture of you and Mike! You both just look so happy and comfortable. So sweet.

Katie B said...

ha ha ha, those are great pictures!

Brittany said...

Both pictures are great. I love how hard you're laughing; are you laughing at Mike (especially his expression) or with him?

Kayley said...

oh my gosh I LOOOOOVE that picture of you and Mike!! It is SO cute! The one of the kids is great too- I think the best I've seen of all 3!

Chalonn said...

you guys are toooooo cute!