Friday, July 24, 2009

Next in Line

is Wednesday...
Addie making a fashion statement and Preston practicing his hand-eye coordination.
The girls earned their summer reading trophies from the Fort Bend County library (and already picked out their books after completing the Harris County Library program).
We are going to be SO sad when Mike goes back to school! He has been home so much this summer and we have definitely been spoiled.
The girls "making wishes" and Preston wearing one of Addie's size 5 diapers. You'd think 3 diapers would be enough to carry around, but he went right through them on a pooping spree :-).


Melissa said...

I think boys poop WAY more than girls! With Emily I didn't have to carry many diapers around at all, but with Jacob it seemed like I could never have enough!

Allie said...

How nice to have Mike home so much. I would definitely go through withdrawls after having my hubby home a lot all summer. How nice for it to work out with the new baby though. He is so cute.

LaRee said...

Addies fashion statement pic...Too Cute!!