Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Process

2 Days Ago
we did this...
So That Yesterday
we could do this...
(I almost deleted the shot of Addie below...until I noticed her belly resting on the counter :-)...then I couldn't!)
They weren't pretty...but they still seemed to taste great :-).
And one picture of cute Livvy.
We also went to the pool earlier that day and I forgot my camera!!! I felt like part of me was missing! It was the first time Ella and Johnny and seen each other in weeks and I kept seeing cute little moments between them -
it killed me to not be able to capture one of them!


Diane said...

Chloe, accidently, shoved my memory card in backwards and now my camera wont't work...and needs a $100. repair. I know how you feel without a camera...I dont know what I am going to do when we go to Cali in a few days! :(

Kayley said...

oh my gosh Livvy's hair got so much lighter! She is a cutie :)

McKell and John said...

Thanks so much for having us over that day! I just remembered I forgot Johnny's little parfait in your fridge, dang it, I could have eaten it! I'm still craving that soup! See you when we get home!