Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vacation Time!!!

We arrived in San Antonio today for some rest, relaxation and time with Mike's fam (which includes LOTS of yummy meals, of course). Also on the agenda is a family trip to Sea World!
We were perusing the toy aisle last week for birthday ideas for Ella (I had just realized that I needed to get going on planning a birthday party for her and wasn't too thrilled about it) when she saw a dolphin and told us, "I really want to see a dolphin!"
Then I had a moment of pure brilliance! I asked her if she wanted to go to Sea World instead of having a party this year and she thought it sounded great. Hallelujah! We let the idea sink in for a few days before committing to it (I even offered her some fun party ideas and explained this would mean no presents from friends) and she is SO excited for Sea World! I have been wanting to go for awhile now...Sea World has come a long way since I went in San Diego during my childhood.
So, this will be the last post till we get home and of course some parting pictures of the kiddos from yesterday...
Ella shared her prized accessories with Preston, so sweet (I don't know how I missed her putting the necklace on him)...


Melissa said...

Have lots of fun at Sea World. We just got back from there (it was VERY hot!). I hope your kids love it as much as mine do!

Kim said...

Glad you're going on vacation. Sad you won't be posting every day. :)

Kayley said...

how exciting! Have a great trip and I CAN'T WAIT to see pictures from Sea World!!