Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 Month Comparisons

EVERYONE who sees Preston tells me how he looks EXACTLY like Mike.
I personally think he looks like a lot like Ella as a baby though, and she now looks quite a bit like me. Preston definitely has the same head shape and hair style as Mike though :-). Only time will tell.
Anyway, I wanted to see if Preston really looked as much like Ella as I remembered and went on a picture hunt. Although each child definitely as their own look, I do think the resemblance is stronger between those two than with Addie...she is unique in every way :-).


Melissa said...

When I saw him at church on Sunday, I was thinking that he looks a lot like Ella, too!

Cheryl Joy said...

He does look at lot like Ella! They are all adorable. I love how you dress him like a little man in his collared shirts. :)

Diane said...

Hi Marci,
We just returned from our trip to CA today and it was so fun to catch up on all of your posts. Ella looks so much older! and Preston does look a lot like her. I couldn't view several of the photos from the Galveston trip??

Liz L said...

At first I thought Preston looked very different from your girls, but when you do the side-by-side I definitely see Ella too! What a cutie! Is that a little red in his hair, or is it just the picture?