Monday, August 31, 2009


We have been CRAZY busy over here (you know how true that is when I don't even make time to blog for a day),
but it has been with fun stuff!
This morning everyone slept in after an action packed weekend and I was thinking about how I would have to blog today about how nice it is for Ella to ride the bus so I can leave Preston and Addie sleeping in their beds while I walk her out the door...and then we missed the bus...
boy do I appreciate it more than ever now!!! :-)
It was completely my fault. I thought of this hair-do while going to sleep last night and HAD to do it even though we were running late.
Ella wasn't upset about it (I was mainly worried she would get thrown off by the sudden change in plans) but it did cause quite a rushed morning. I woke up the other two and got them dressed quickly because we also had a doctor's appointment for Preston right after Ella had to be at school (not to mention our weekly grocery shopping to do as well).
I haven't touched the pictures from our Saturday adventure (and resulting Addie trauma), but last night we surprised Dave and Stephanie with a BBQ at Allie and Jeremy's house. They are leaving Houston...the Allie had us and the Allens over for one last hurrah!
Allie, Mckell, me and Stephanie
and with our kiddos (except Mckell's Johnny and Stephanie's new baby Ella)


Diane said...

cute shots with your friends.......and the hairstyle was definitely worth it! so cute!

LaRee said...

Ella looks more grown up since starting school...cute pics!