Friday, August 7, 2009

Do They Know They Are Loved?

Sometimes someone says something in the midst of conversation that is just what you needed to hear.
I remember towards the end of my pregnancy with Addie being consumed by the guilt of having another child. I felt I wasn't being fair to anyone...Ella was going to be losing her time alone with me and Addie would never even experience it. My visiting teacher at the time, Janna, who has 5 little children of her own, said something to me, that at the time, made everything seem fine.
"They'll never remember not having each other."
After realizing she was right (I'm the oldest and I don't remember Mack ever not being a part of my life) I felt so much better. It was a simple thought that would never have occurred to me on my own.
Last night at our book club meeting the topic of conversation had veered away from the book, which it often does :-). I believe we were talking about how we feel pressure to live up to certain standards, as women and mothers, that aren't attainable. Someone was listing the things that really matter each day with our children and Susan, who is one of my favorite people, said,
"Do they know they are loved?"
I think that was a wonderful question to ask yourself!
So often I ask myself things like, "Did I spend time with each child alone today?" and then when I haven't, which is frequently right now, I feel like I am failing. However, I KNOW that my kids know they are loved and I KNOW they have fun every day, whether I am involved or not.
Isn't it nice to have things put into better perspective every once in awhile?!
Some pictures of our fun yesterday (we had to stay out of the house for awhile so there was a lot of it!)...
Preston has become quite a drooler and bubble maker the past few days.
**And by the way, my little brother Mack is now officially engaged to Cheryl and we are SOOOO happy for them :-)!!!**


Katie B said...

I haven't even met your kids and I can tell they feel loved!

Diane said...

This was a nice post, Marci. I remember talking with my mother one day and she was regretting some of her parenting....then she said, "But, you all knew you were loved". So simple and so wise. In our effort to become perfect parents, it is comforting to know that we can accomplish the single most important thing: make them feel loved. It's easy when they are sooo irrisistably cute.

Melissa said...

I'm so sad I missed last night because that was EXACTLY the conversation I needed.

Cheryl Joy said...

That was such a lovely post. That is the perfect question to ask yourself, because really that is what matters most. I'm glad your girls are so happy and so loved!


Christina Bambina said...

Hurray for engagements!!!! and I turn the question right back at ya: do YOU know that you're loved!!! because you are very much!!!!

XOxo Christina