Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hiding Out

Our markers have been put into hiding for awhile.
We had one too many incidents over the last week.
(When they walked in to show me their faces the other night Mike was working and it was time to feed a crying Preston, bathe him and get him in bed. I didn't have the energy or patience to deal with the situation so I simply told them I was disappointed they did something they knew they shouldn't, that the markers were going away for awhile and then tucked them right in bed. The next afternoon they still had the marker on their faces when we went to run errands...oh well.)
We have now progressed on to scissors, probably NOT a wise decision, but so far so good.
And I DO love the little treasures specially made for me by my girlies.


Holly and Brad said...

Hi Marci! Thanks for your help with this! So, how did you get all of your blog into that book?? I downloaded the software last night but then I saw that you have to manually make the book, basically copy and pasting EVERYTHING you want into your book...which to me is just like making a photo book. Am I missing something? Like the easy, upload my blog into this book button? :) I hope I just missed that button, because I don't think I have the energy to design a book. The other program (that is $150 for 378 pages) asks for your blog address and compiles the book for you. You can't customize it (but then again, I don't really want to). Does Blurb do this too?

THanks for your help Marci!

Diane said...

I am interested in Holly's question too.

The girl's new scissor art is adorable, can't wait to hang some on meema's wall of fame in the utility room.

Marci said...

You pick your size of book first (I have done 2 standard portrait size and one small square). Then you select the type of book you want and one of the last options is blog to book. It will ask for your blogger sign in info and then import your blog to a standard format. From there you can select different page layouts, delete or add text and pitures, etc.

Cheryl Joy said...

I like Addie's present! Haa.. so cute. I guess she didn't have much to spare? :)

Stephanie said...

You are such a good mom! Seriously, you are my role model :)

Kayley said...

this post made me laugh so hard! I love what Addie made for you!