Sunday, August 23, 2009


My only worry going to bed Friday night was about how Preston would do. The good news is he did really well. He woke up around 3am and since I was already up I gave him his pacifier and he didn't get up again until 6:30am.
(Last night we put him down at 7:30pm, he woke up around 3am again but we didn't go in once.
I was exhausted from the night before and that was the only time I thought he woke up, but Mike said he heard him a couple other times. The next time I heard him was 6:30am when I got him up for the day. Progress!)
Back to Friday night and the bad news...
Around 2:30am we hear crying, not Preston-crying, Addie-crying. Mike went in to talk to her and came back. About 15 minutes later we hear her crying again. I don't remember who went in next but I do remember that it kept happening and at one point I went in to lay by her in the guest room. I couldn't get any information out of her in regards to what the problem was that was causing her to cry so I just started scratching her back and rubbing her head. When I sat up a little to look at her and see if she was falling asleep all I could see were HUGE white eyes staring back at me in the dark. I gave her some string cheese and water in case hunger was causing the problem and eventually I told her I was going back to bed and not to cry anymore (please!).
When I got back in bed and I could NOT fall back asleep! It was like being pregnant all over again. How is it that my body can crave sleep so desperately and then not succumb to it when it has the opportunity?! Around 4am I decided to go downstairs and watch a little TV before trying the sleep thing again. My last show was almost over when I heard footsteps on the stairs (around 5:15am). Around the corner walks Addie, wide awake. So, the insomniacs of the house finished the show together and then headed back upstairs to bed.
I was almost asleep when Preston woke up...of course :-).
It was almost 6am so I fed Preston, changed him and got him back in his crib and then went to check on Addie. She was sitting in the guest bed, in the dark, trying to do a puzzle. I'm sure she was bored out of her mind after being awake in the dark for hours.
I had been planning to be at Old Navy at 7am to take advantage of their $3 basic T sale (they were open early because it's tax free weekend here in TX and if you shopped between 7-9am you got an additional 10% off your purchase!) so Addie and I got dressed and decided to head out a little early. We stopped at Sonic and ate some breakfast in the car together before driving to the mall. We did our shopping (I got 5 shirts for me and 5 pairs of socks for the kiddos for $18!) and Addie passed out cold in the car on the short drive home. I put her up in her bed at 7:30am and let her sleep until 10am...wishing I could do the same!
Addie never took a nap later in the day (although I managed to take one while Preston slept that afternoon and the girls watched a movie) and luckily we ALL slept well last night.
So, as long as Ella doesn't pull any tricks tonight (it is her big night-before-the-first-day-of-school though), we should be on our way to many sleep filled nights in the future :-).
Then I'll stop writing about our sleep habits and everyone will be happy.
Our early-morning adventure (notice the sun rising in the background while we eat breakfast)...



Diane said...

Addie's tired talking makes me want to squish her. She is very squishy, ya know. Aside from the loss of sleep, that was a sweet little early morning date with her :)

kelley said...

I'm beginning to think Addie has alot of my genes. SCARRY!!!! Feisty, mind of her own and now up early, early in the morning. My prayers are with you....

Liz L said...

That's sounds horrible! Simone was up at 5 am this morning too - similar process of milk, tickling, etc, only to see her with eyes wide open 45 minutes later! Its amazing how they can be so cute even when they should be sleeping ;) Can't wait to see you next week!