Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Last Celebration

Ella has quite the birthday season this year, but we finally wrapped things up with a family get together Sunday evening.
She is quite a lucky gal and was spoiled by all her family and friends. The good news for Addie is they are pretty much all things that she loves too :-). Thanks to everyone for helping make this an extra special birthday for our soon-to-be kindergartner (I'm starting to get sad)!
I know you are thinking, "Where did they get such a beautiful cake?!" and you'll never guess...I made it! Cakes are obviously my speciality :-)!

Ella always makes her little "I'm kind of embarrassed" face when she is put on the spot :-)...
or when she is SUPER excited about her cool presents.
Kayley had a few days off work and came to visit. I think she was the all-time birthday hero by finding the rare Jasmine doll that Ella has been hoping to call her own FOREVER!


michele cabiness said...

What a fun birthday month for Ella!! and good luck with the first day of school! That really isn't fair that they take kindergarteners away from their mom's ALL DAY! They just leave you no time for getting used to it!

also I love the girls matching flower shirts!

Amy said...

It looks like Ella had a great birthday! Can you believe she starts kindergarten on Monday? That is crazy!