Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mini-Mom Ella

Ella takes her big sister role seriously.
For the most part she is a huge help to me...she's an expert at cleaning up toys, keeping Preston entertained and appeasing Addie.
Of course, there are moments when she gets a little bossy or smothers Preston with her love,
but for the most part she is a great little mini-mom.
Shading Preston from the sun after noticing he was squinting.
Her current obsession...the sprinkler.


Diane said...

I love that picture of Ella shading Preston, so sweet of her. The last shot is another award winner.

The Chrissy Herself said...

What is it about umbrellas that make photographs so cute?! That one of the two of them is precious.

Kayley said...

she is so sweet. I love the last picture of her too. The first picture is adorable too because Preston is smiling at her- I miss these munchkins!

LaRee said...

Really cute pic of Preston smiling at the little mini-mom!