Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One of Those Weeks

Sometimes you just have one of those weeks where not only does nothing seem to go right,
but everything seems to go very, very wrong.
My mom is having one of those weeks with her computer.
The hard drive crashed and has been with a computer man trying to salvage any of her hundreds of photos (both personal and for her website), her embroidery machine fonts, her church talks, etc., etc.
As if that weren't quite enough, while she has been computer-less, a mysterious spam email was sent from her account to every person in her address book (teachers, customers, church members, friends...EVERY person). She was obviously worried about this and trying to email everyone back to tell them it was not from her when she discovered that all of her hundreds of contacts, which had been pain-stakingly organized into various categories in her email, were gone! She has ZERO contacts in her address book.
I called today to see how she was doing and see if the computer man, who is also hopefully a miracle worker, had been able to retrieve anything. My little brother Scott answered the phone and told me she was at the bank because there were now fraudulent charges on their account and they had to cancel their cards, etc., etc.
What a mess!
Despite all this she still came to my rescue Monday night and came and watched our kiddos (I was scheduled to work that night and Mike got a call for a big carpet job).
So, although she can't check my blog right now, this one is for you mom...
We all LOVE you!!!
Here's hoping your life is drama-less for at least a few weeks after this is all over :-)!


Annemarie said...

That really stinks. Your mom is the best!
I did get that email from her account, but recognized it as a bad one & just deleted it. I hope this nightmare gets taken care of for her soon.

Cheryl Joy said...

That is so sad! Sweet Miss Kelley Anne- she deserves nothing but the best. Sweet post, Marci.. hopefully it'll make her smile whenever she gets to see it!

Diane said...

I am sending my best wishes out to your mom. I was hoping the inactivity on her blog meant she was busy with Hope's room but I am so sorry to hear what has happened. We save so many important things on our computers! I hope everything turns out well......soon!

Melissa said...

Your poor mom! I've had rough patches (or so I thought), but her week definitely trumps anything I've ever been through! I hope things start to get better soon...

Stephanie said...

Oh no, your poor, sweet mom! I'm so sorry for her.

Kayley said...

poor mom :( I feel so bad for her! I hadn't heard about the weird charges to their account so I'll have to call. Your post will help cheer her up though!

Melissa said...

Ohhhhh, I just want to give your mom a great big hug. I hope everything gets worked out. I don't know what I would do, if I had a week like that.

Sarah S said...

what a HORRIBLE week!! I had an awful week before our vacation and nothing seemed to be going my way. I think I would be more than majorly upset if I lost all of my photos and files!! I hope things are better for your mom now.