Sunday, August 9, 2009

Outta Here!

We are heading out for one last hurrah before Mike heads back to full-time work again later this week (boo!).
Off to Galveston we go for a night in a hotel (which Ella is most excited about) and a day at the lovely Texas beach :-).
It will be Preston's first trip though...always exciting.
I leave you with our Sunday morning winners today unfortunately...
My favorite of the day despite only 1 of 3 looking at the camera. I like Addie's contemplating and Ella and Preston's hand holding.
More pondering from least it's not nose picking.
Ella has had enough of me waiting to get Addie looking at the camera while she smiles away and gets crazy. At that moment of course Addie DOES look at the camera. Preston is still oblivious.
Yes, I failed to get all of Mike's head in the shot or fix his tie, but Preston loves him and watches him whenever he cute.


Katie B said...

I love that last picture. Preston loves his daddy!

Brittany said...

I also love that picture of father and son. You really can see how much Preston admires his daddy. And Addie's contemplation is hilarious! Enjoy your last summer trip!

lolomae said...

This is Meema in California...I miss these cute babies! The video of Preston talking is PRECIOUS!

Kayley said...

have a fun trip- I heard those beaches just got re-done with a bunch of new sand and everything. I'll be curious to see what you think!