Sunday, August 16, 2009

Perfect Sunday Thought

As we drove home from church this afternoon Ella told us,
"Someday I want a tattoo on me."
I couldn't resist posting Addie's crazy face.
Some other things, just for my own record:
-Addie copies EVERYTHING Ella says, right down to her "Um, Um, Um's." This means I wait for Ella to get out what she is trying to say and give a reply, and then listen to Addie repeat as best as she can remember and say my answer again. At first Ella found this a little annoying but now she just laughs it off for the most part.
-Addie is still obsessed with her cats and has an extremely high-pitched voice that she uses to talk for them.
-One of my favorite things is when Ella finds something truly funny and gives a good belly laugh as a result. We just checked out the book Olivia and the Missing Toy and it is her new favorite. Our first time reading it we got to a page that says,
She asked her baby brother, William,
"Wooshee gaga."

and she burst into hysterical laughter...which made me burst into laughter.
I love that she is old enough to think things are truly funny.


Brittany said...

But tattoos look so good after they are discolored and misshapen on saggy, shriveled skin!

Katie B said...

Hee hee, this post made me laugh. You've got such smile-inducing kids!

michele cabiness said...

Aaron said he wanted a tatoo once. He quickly changed his mind when we told him exactly how they do it!

lolomae said...

The pictures of your children are so precious. We went to the dance last night and the Freeman Brothers were GREAT! Diane took lots of pictures that we will all be seeing soon.