Sunday, August 2, 2009

Power of Positive Peer Pressure

Growing up I loved it when my mom put curlers in my hair...oh, how I wished my stick straight hair was curly (maybe this prompted my adoration of Shirley Temple, or vice versa)! I remember Saturday nights watching Star Search (I was destined to be a reality show addict!) while my mom put the curlers in so I could have curly hair and be beautiful for church in the morning.
I was thrilled to try curlers in Ella's hair when she finally had enough for me to play around with. She loved it the first couple times and then she suddenly wanted nothing to do with it. Every so often I would ask her on Saturdays as we started her bath routine if she wanted curly hair for church and she always said no.
Well, last night as I was getting clean washcloths out of the bathroom closet I saw the curlers and asked the girls again. Ella, of course, immediately said no, but Addie was excited about, guess who suddenly changed their mind :-). Sometimes it drives me crazy when the girls copy each other's not so great behavior, but every once in awhile the peer pressure comes in handy!
They sure look calm and ready for bed, don't they :-)?!
And from earlier in the day...
Addie got kicked out of her bed by her stuffed animals.
Preston's life is full of smothering...especially when the girls get competitive over who he's going to look at.
And keeping cool...


Cheryl Joy said...

I love Ella's poses. I think she is a model in the making. :)

chloe said...

yes definatley a model!:) and when she askes me if i want to dance sometimes she'll say "chloe look at this cool new trick...isnt it pretty like a princess? now you try it!!" it is sooo cute! anyways, i have never seen curlers like that befor verrry cool:)

Steve said...
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Diane said...

How did the curls turn out?

Running through the sprinklers in their, THAT'S a great childhood!

Annemarie said...

Those are cool curlers! Much better than the pink spongey kind I had to wear every Saturday night! I want to see the after pics!

Brittany said...

I love little girls with curlers on (the before sight is almost cuter than the after). Here is a blog entry from a friend of mine that looks like it might be a fun project to do with your kids
and I will post my recipes today on my blog :)

Kirsten said...

Love those pics of them with the curlers! So cute!