Thursday, August 20, 2009


Exactly one year ago we spent our afternoons leisurely reading library books, coloring with chalk and getting a good night's sleep. I became obsessed with power washing and actually had a little spare time to do it in. I didn't even know I was pregnant yet.
What a difference a year makes!
I would definitely consider myself currently in survival mode. And it's not the 3 kids putting me there, it's the lack of sleep. I'm not even a person who needs tons of sleep to get by, but I need more than I am getting now without a doubt. I know everyone is sick of hearing about it, but it's effects are consuming my life in every way, so I continue to talk about it.
Let's take last night as an example (and it was a fairly typical example of the past week). Preston ate and went to bed at 7:30pm, I went to bed around 10:30pm, he woke up at midnight. I gave him his pacifier and laid back down, 10 minutes later repeat, 30 minutes later he had flipped over so I flip him back, 15 minutes later I give up on my "I'm not going to feed him" mantra so I can just get some sleep! Preston wakes again at 5am and the cycle repeats. At some point after that cycle he got up again but Mike went to help him so I don't know what time it was.
I know a big part of the problem is that I have definitely been more lazy about getting him on a set schedule like I did with the girls. This morning for instance, I KNOW I should get him up at the same time each morning in order to get him on a set schedule for the day, but after a night like that the last thing I want to do is wake him up and start my day any earlier than he is going to make me. The other factor is I worry at night about him waking the girls up so I go to help him instead of letting him cry it out (which I fully support).
So, after we both slept in a little this morning (thanks to Mike getting the girls breakfast before heading out the door and to PBS Kids keeping them entertained until 8am) I ate and did some things before finally waking Preston up at 9am. I have decided I just HAVE to get serious about this though! It's not worth the sleepless nights just to have an easier morning.
First thing on the agenda...letting him cry it out at naptime when I don't need to worry about him waking up his sleeping sisters. The downside to this plan is I have to listen to the poor little guy, but you know what, it is quite now...I can do it! My plan is to let him do that for every nap during the day and make sure his first feeding is between 7:30am and 8am from now on...even if I'm not ready for it!
Here's hoping we are on the road to success.
(and I'll be rereading Babywise today just for some reinforcement)
Something that really put a smile on my tired face though, Addie started drawing people this week!!! LOVE them!
Thankfully I have had some help in surviving...
Kayley stayed with the kids before heading back to Dallas so I could go to the grocery store ALONE (sigh of relief).
My Grandma came and stayed with Addie & Preston so Ella and I could get our hair done (sigh of relief).
My mom and Hope stayed with Addie and Preston so Mike and I could take Ella to meet her teachers last night without any distractions
(sigh of relief).
(Not to mention they took care of the little chihuahua Max that we almost hit as we were leaving. I ran him back to our house for them to continue calling his owners while we were gone. He was actually a pretty cute little guy and Ella was very disappointed he was already gone when we got home.)
Hopefully I'll be getting a nap at some point to day...keep your fingers crossed for me!


Katie B said...

1) Wow, I don't know what I'm going to do when I'm a mom- I'm a sleep hog. It'll be a job to get ME on a schedule before I can get kids on a schedule!

2) I adore Addie's people drawings, they look really clever!

3) I very much like your dining area, especially the color on the wall.

dr_b_rock said...

Good luck! I know I am barely functional after a night on call and I only have to take care of myself the next day. I can't imagine having to tend kids with no sleep! Can't wait to see you in just 2 weeks!!!

Leighanna, Reid and William said...

If Addie needs to come play sometime next week while you catch some Zzzs... Just let me know! William would love it!

Amy said...

Hang in there! It won't last forever. I hope Preston will get on a schedule very soon! Let's plan on getting together Wed. Sept 2.

michele cabiness said...

You sound JUST LIKE ME after I had Elsie. The first 3 months after the third abay were SO HARD for me. But finally getting a copy of babywise and some regular sleep were all I needed.

I just love's like magic.

Cheryl Joy said...

If I lived there I would come over and play so you could nap. :)
I hope it gets better. My dear friend is in her first trimester and exhausted all the time.

Annemarie said...

Hang in there. Letting them cry it out is hard, but so worth it. He'll get it.
Thank goodness for family that lives close by!!

Harrington said...

You go right ahead and complain about the no sleep. I would be same way. I am all for letting them cry it out but my husband disagrees with me on that. I hope you can get him on a schedule and finally get some rest. I usually took cat naps while I nursed my babies. Just a thought.

The Chrissy Herself said...

**consider this one free coupon of babysitting for the weekend we will be there** Anytime you want! We'll watch them Friday night for a date for you guys too.

Diane said...

It does my heart good to hear a new mom complain about sleep deprivation. None of my friends ever complained about it, they acted like super-women who considered it a weakness to want sleep. I thought something was wrong with me...I wanted a nap more than I wanted air. Teenagers are a breeze;THIS is the most difficult phase of motherhood. Hang in there, he will be 12 before you know it and sleeping on the couch in your bedroom, like Chloe. It doesn't end, but it does get better.

The Nixon Family said...

are you ready for the big K? elsie was waking up around midnight too, but i fed her at 7:30, put her down, woke her up at 10/10:30 when i was going to sleep to feed her and it has made a world of difference. she makes it until 5 or 6 every night and sometimes 7. give it a try. and let him find his thumb! she has and it has made a world of difference!!!