Saturday, August 29, 2009

What's So Funny?!

We almost missed the bus the day before, but never fear, we were back on track with time to spare for pictures yesterday.
We had taken a couple pics when Preston started laughing really hard for some reason.
We don't know what started it, but it sure made me and Ella laugh too :-)!
Some of my favorite conversations from Ella's first week of school:

"Hey mom, guess what? If you forget my lunch it's ok because they have food at my school. "
"Do you want to buy lunch there sometimes?" (I'm so perceptive)
(she came back to me a few minutes later)"They have ice cream there too!"

"Do you sit with someone on the bus or do you sit by yourself?"
"I sit by myself. Then there is space for me and my stuff."

In Preston news, he has really become so much more fun and interactive these past few days. He squeals and laughs when I kiss his little neck and hold him up in the air, etc. For me this is when it really starts to be fun, when their little personalities come out. He's getting much better at grabbing his hanging toys too and still loves watching Ella and Addie play. He is such a happy little guy! You can't help but smile and laugh when he gives you his big goofy grin!

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Katie B said...

That gummy smile is just precious!