Sunday, September 13, 2009

4 Months, Baby!

Somebody sure has changed over the last 3 months...
(3 weeks vs. 4 months)
At 4 months Preston's favorite activity is still watching the craziness of our house while someone is holding him, although he is content lying on the floor kicking and working on his roll too. Over the past 2 weeks he has really perfected his back to forward roll and has been mastering his hand to mouth technique as well. He loves to kick his little legs as fast as he can, especially in the bath tub. He still has the HUGEST smile I've ever seen and giggles and laughs now.
My favorite moment last week was while I was holding him when I went to get Ella from the bus stop and he just burst out laughing when he saw her.
He is getting better and better at sleeping too! Last night he went down at 7:15pm, I gave him his pacifier at 4:30am and then he continued sleeping until 7:20am! My goal has been 7pm-7am, and I think we may be getting close. (Last week he slept 7pm-5am every night, and I must admit I do get A LOT done in the mornings before everyone else wakes up, it's just a little early.)
Preston is content little guy and, as long as he gets to eat and sleep on schedule, stays happy as can be.
Preston's first swing ride on his 4 month birthday.


Annemarie said...


Christina Bambina said...

I feel like I know all your kids in person! I love all your posts! Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl Joy said...

I love how much he smiles and laughs! He is soo cute. And that is so funny that he'll kick when on demand.

Whhhat a cutie.

The Chrissy Herself said...

All he needs is to sleep and eat and he's happy... Same as Zacho!!

Katie B said...

Precious Preston. He sure does have a happy smile!

We tried out Chachos on Saturday- what a great recommendation! Good prices with biiiig proportions. I loved their black beans. If they were in a glass, I would have chugged it. Well, I pretty much did anyway!

Brittany said...

He's such a happy little guy with adorable expressions and good movement!

Heather said...

I love them in the matching green outfits! They are so cute!
Preston has the cutest dimples!

Sarah S said...

Fun pictures! It is SO crazy how much babies grow in those first few months and first year. I love the last video of Preston - his smile IS huge and so cute.

And I'm jealous of your massages - that's great that Mike could do a trade. But $40/hr is such a good deal for future massages!! Lame Chicago prices are a lot higher. Which is why I get a massage about once a year if I'm lucky.

I love the b/w photos of Preston in the swing, too - they are really sweet.