Thursday, September 10, 2009

Addie's First Day

Miss Adeline started her little mini-joy school on Tuesday.
She'll be going every Tuesday and seems to love it so far.
I think what she really loves is being able to talk about going to school...just like Ella :-).
I was thrilled to get some pictures of her actually looking at the camera and smiling!
April is teaching this month and took these pictures of Addie on her first day.
(they are learning about the seasons and weather this month and Tuesday's focus was on summer)
our group, from left in the lunch picture: Ellie, Brooklynn, Addie, Anna, and Hannah.


Annemarie said...

Before I even read this I saw the pics and thought... yay! She got a pic of Addie looking at the camera and smiling!!
She is too, too cute.

Brittany said...

You can tell how excited she is about joy school and I love that she took her "tat" with her!

Cheryl Joy said...

I love how she holds her kitty so close.

LaRee said...

Addie looks so happy about going to joy the flip flops!

Heather said...

Oh don't you love when they are excited about school? She is super cute!

Kayley said...

she looks SO excited to be going to school- how cute!

Sara Jean said...

Cute Addie! She looks so grown up, Marci!

Diane said...

I L-O-V-E that little cutie!