Monday, September 14, 2009

Ella's Best Friday Ever...and Mine Too

The day started for Ella with some photographing of her favorite things...
All ready for school, she carefully selected two books, after much deliberation, for me to read to her class. (and a little plug for, after checking out this Olivia book from the library and LOVING it, I got on their site to see how much I could buy a copy of our own for...$4 total (w/shipping!) and it is the hard back with the book jacket and pristine condition)
Not too long after I left, guess who got to eat lunch with Ella? Nana!
The school was celebrating Grandparent's Day so she got tasty Chik-Fil-A and a special visit too.
(that is Ella's friend Kirsten in the 2nd picture)
So, why was it a great Friday for me too?
Well, after getting to see Ella in her classroom and meet some of her friends (and seeing Ella's little face intently watching her classmates to see if they thought her books were as funny as she does), Mike and I got to go on a date that night!
My mom and Hope watched our kiddos and got them all tucked in bed while we got massages and went out to dinner...HEAVEN!
Let me say, neither of us had ever had a real massage before and it was pretty amazing! Mike traded carpet cleaning with this lady for ours, but her normal price is only $40 for an hour massage and that includes the tip...pretty good!...and if you ask me, well worth it! I definitely need to go back :-)!
If you can't read her info and want it, let me know!


Heather said...

What a fun Friday for you and Mike - that is my husbands absolute favorite thing - a massage! And wow! What a great price!

Chalonn said...

That kind of date single handedly wins GRAND PRIZE!!! Wow..sounds amazing. Ella looks so happy in school!

Diane said...

You both look very relaxed in the photo...I assume it was taken AFTER the massage.

Fowler family said...

Awesome Marcy! Thank you so much for the link. I just ordered my copy!

McKell and John said...

Yay for you guys!! It does sound like heaven! and you do need a massage. they really should be on our medical coverage. They are a total necessity!

Kayley said...

what a FUN date- you guys deserved it!

Jaimee said...

Looks like fun had by all!
And thanks for the Heads Up on know I'm going there right after this :)

{And can I just say "Nana" is one of the classiest looking Nanas out there!}