Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ella's Week...So Far

So excited to be headed back to school after the weekend!
She always is sure to give Preston hugs and kisses before she leaves and he is the first thing she is worried about when she gets home. She will be in the middle of telling me something about her day, and then see him and it's over! It's Preston's time. She speaks to him in a high, loud voice which he seems to LOVE, although the rest of us could do without :-).
Ella recently came up with this oh so clever way to carry her lunchbox
(which she will NOT put in her backpack even though I have showed her that it fits).
She had come up with it the afternoon before and was so proud of herself and excited to show me just how she manages this...
A rare good-bye wave from the bus window :-).
Ella goes to the school library on Tuesdays which is always exciting. She has given me strict instructions that her library book must be kept in it's bag (the school gave them each a cute plastic bag) so that no animals can ruin it...or little siblings in our case I guess.
She was a little sad this morning to know that it was library story time day and she didn't get to go. It's a tough adjustment to be left out of our usual daily activities! But don't worry, she still gets to go on Saturdays to pick out her new books and shows instead.
Off to school again...and of course using her awesome lunch on the backpack technique :-). She was excited about her hair do and about the fact that she has gym again (she has it every other day with music and art alternating on the days in between). I'm wondering if Eric is going to sit with her on the bus again (he told my mom when she had lunch at the school that Ella is the girl he REALLY loves)...and hoping that he isn't :-)!


michele cabiness said...

Aaron does the same thing with his lunch bag. I also tried to get him to put it inside his backpack but he will have nothing to do with it.
Crazy kids.

KelleyAnne said...

I love her cute hair-do. I can't believe our little Ella is getting so big!

Christina Bambina said...

Oh love love love the hair! My mom used to do that to mine! And I loved it!

Kayley said...

I love how your girls always look so put together- and LOVE the picture of Ella waving from the bus- it makes her look so small!