Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Filling the Days

We made it through our first rainy morning of the school year :-). Ella welcomes any opportunity to use her umbrella so she thought it was great and the bus stopped right in front of our house for us which was very nice. The weather had cleared up for the most part by the time Addie went to her school and I was able to run some errands and then head over to the church to meet up with the "Homemade Group." Have I mentioned I LOVE my ward? Because I really do :-)! This month we made tutus (last month was cards) and since Ella has decided she wants to be a ballerina for Halloween it was the perfect opportunity for me to get a head start on costumes. I've also been meeting with the "Recipe Group" and they've started a "Coupon Group" and of course I've always loved book club. It's just nice to have some options of things to do and learn and get to know some of the other ladies that I don't see as often, especially now that I'm working with the youth again (hooray!)
I mentioned before that I have been meeting up with the "Walking Group" a few mornings a week as well and Cathy shared a tip recently that seemed to be successful in getting her boys to try new vegetables. She said around 4pm she puts out veggies in pretty colors all cut up with ranch or hummus for dipping and they eat them. I decided to try this at our house because about an hour before dinner seems to be when the girls complain about being hungry and want a snack. Broccoli has been our biggest hit, although Ella did try some of the different colored peppers last night...she just didn't like them. We'll keep trying :-).
And I just have to say Preston is such a little trooper. He was awake the entire morning as I got Addie ready and off to school, ran errands, and made the tutu and he stayed happy for the majority of the time. Thank you Preston :-)!
(and we had to make a stop at Ella's school because I forgot to put her drink in her lunchbox and I was so worried she would be thirsty and get stressed out, but the school got it to her with no problem, in fact she didn't even know I forgot)


Katie B said...

Lovely tutu- I'm impressed!

Diane said...

I counted 5 groups you participate in. How do you have time for it all? Your house is clean and good dinners are always on the table and you have 3 children...superwoman!

Melissa said...

I'm so sad taht I missed the tutu group :( It's very cute!

Laurie said...

Your tutu turned out very pretty! Love how long it is.