Sunday, September 20, 2009

School Picture Day #1

Apparently they have 2 school picture days here...this first one is their picture for the yearbook,
but then they do the class pictures later in the year. Weird. Do schools all over do this?
When I was growing up I remember getting the Hannah Anderson catalog at our house and it consisting mostly of one style of dress and leggings in varying colors of solid and striped prints. (It's a Swedish company who is also well known for their PJ's) Anyway, I used to LOVE the catalog and in fact even had my own pair of clogs in 7th grade, I think mainly because I saw them in their catalog (and because I had no older siblings to keep me on track style wise so I thought borrowing my mom's denim shirts with embroidered collars was awesome).
Over the summer we went to the Galleria and they have an actual Hannah Anderson store! While they still have their famous dress and legging combos (exhibited on their webpage), I fell in love with the more exciting prints. There were so many cute ones in fun, bright colors and they are such great quality. Needless to say, they are a little pricey for us. Luckily they were having a back to school special on the fall-style dresses though and we got Ella this one. It's easier to justify it for her when we know Addie will eventually get to wear it to :-).
Bet you didn't know I could give such a long background story about an article of clothing, eh?!
Well, here it is. I LOVE it! It was perfect for Ella's first picture day.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can get Addie a matching one :-).
Every Friday the moms are welcome to come and read to the classes at Ella's school. Younger siblings are not supposed to come though, so April and I are alternating weeks reading and then watching our kiddos at this playground right next to the school (it was our week to do the watching). It is a great arrangement and I'm so thankful to have another mom from church not only with a child in the kindergarten at the school, but in the immersion program as well. Addie and Hannah get along really well and have a lot of fun together.
It turned out I was at Ella's school most of the day on Friday. I swear I have been way more busy now that she is IN school all day trying to figure out which volunteer opportunities are a good fit for me at this stage of life and the meetings, etc. that have been going on.
I really think they should have a mom boot camp to inform you about everything you need to know that they don't tell come EARLY to read those first few Fridays when all the moms are excited about it (the line was HUGE last week when I read) or that younger siblings are allowed in the PTA room but NOT the workroom (After committing to help out with filling teacher's copy requests once a week and spending a morning learning to use the high tech copy machine (it's seriously amazing) I learned I couldn't bring kids with me, which does not work for me and had to back out).
I did go to make copies Friday though because I had said I would and didn't want to cause any problems and my mom watched Addie and Preston for me. So, Friday we drove Ella to school, hung out during reading time, then I left the school dropped off the kids at my parent's and drove back to school to volunteer in the workroom. The good news is I was finishing up right around Ella's lunch time and got to go sit with her (and promised next time I would bring a cool lunch like all the other moms :-).
It was fun to meet some of her little friends and see just how they do things in a school cafeteria now. I also saw Eric, who "really loves" Ella and also heard about another boy on the bus, Russ, who wants Ella to sit with him too. Luckily, Ella's friend Kirsten rides her bus so we decided they should always sit together! No boys allowed!
The kids got a kick out me taking silly pictures of them and then showing them what they looked like on the camera. I used to think I wanted to teach kindergarten and as Ella got older I realized that probably wasn't the right age group for me :-). As I sat at her table I thought, Wow. Being surrounded by 22 of these little guys all day, everyday...Kindergarten teachers are seriously amazing!
When I got back to my parents' to pick up the other kiddos my mom and I were talking in the kitchen
when Addie came down wearing her glasses.


Katie B said...

I love that dress! I want one just like it.

Melissa said...

Such a cute dress! I was worried when I read your post thinking Emily missed her first school picture (she was out 4 of the 5 days last week with the flu), but hers isn't until October 6th, thank goodness!

Sarah S said...

Ella looks so cute in that dress!! I LOVE Hannah Anderson stuff. We have one pair of HA pjs that were given to Eli when he was a baby, and I love that Charlie is big enough to wear them. The HA girl stuff is so, so cute!

Heather said...

Ella's dress is the cutest! I would wear it if it were in my size!
I love going to meet my kids for their lunch time - they have little characters for kids in some of their classes!

Christina Bambina said...

Love love love the pictures! And I gave a peak to hannah andersson link, yeah it's pricy! a pair of women's leggings 38$??? YIKES! But the kids clothing is TOTALY worth it! I'm sure that your Mom could probably whip something up just as cute!!!

I wanna teach kindergarten!!!!

Brittany said...

I love Ella's dress and Addie in the glasses. I know what you mean about kindergarten teachers and how amazing they are. The ones at my school have perfected the mix of discipline, love, teaching and fun, I don't know how they do it.

Cheryl Joy said...

Ella looks lovely and I love Addie in the glasses! :)

Diane said...

Ella is so cute in that dress and tights and shoes...I could eat her up!

I love helping in the school workroom, it is stocked with such fun stuff and cool machines...I love the die cutter with all the fun patterns. It reminds me of your mom's ribbon room. Chloe came home telling all about it and how I need to have a room like that.

...and as far as boys wanting to sit by your cute girls...better get used to it:)

Katie B said...

Completely off topic question- I know you probably don't come out this way for it, but do you happen to know of any good hair salons in Houston? I'm in desperate need of a haircut and I've no idea where to go!

KelleyAnne said...

I LOVE that dress on Ella and I had so much fun with Addie and Preston. Hey, what are you implying about my denim shirts? It WAS the 80s you know. LOL