Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Still Just Little

I forget that Preston is still such a little guy. Now that he shows so much personality, has filled out quite a bit, and can support himself pretty well I just think of him as being an older baby. But then I see pictures of him or watch someone else hold him and remember he is still just little.
Yesterday he had his 3 1/2 month check-up, which meant another round of shots and that new oral vaccine they do. Honestly, I wish it was still a shot. At least then it is over and done with in an instant. My kids LOVE medicine, but even Preston does not love that vaccine and they have to drink quite a bit of it. He pretty much slept all day yesterday and was a sad little munchkin when he was awake so we got lots of cuddling in, but today he is back to his normal happy self.
Preston weighed in at 13 lbs (50th percentile), 25 1/4" long (75th perc.) and his head circumference was 16 1/4" (50th).
Addie's lip is healing well and doesn't seem to bother her for the most part. Sometimes she'll touch it and then start crying that she has an owie, but most of the time she forgets it is even there.
She has been wanting me to play with her more now that Ella is gone and comes with requests that I can't resist...
"Mommy, you play cats with me?"
"Do you want to read books with me?"
and other random phrases that make me laugh...
"Don't eat your make-up mommy!"
Although Addie is a pro at entertaining herself, she is also a pro at making messes and refusing to help clean up. Luckily she cannot open doors yet so I have learned to stick the bins of barbie's, ponies, etc. in the closet so she doesn't dump them all out all over the room EVERY day :-).
Ella still LOVES going to school everyday.
Everyone told me,"Oh, the new kindergartners are SO tired and emotional that first week!" but she comes home with abundant energy and then is so excited for the next day that she cannot fall asleep at night.
Yesterday afternoon when I asked her if everything worked out when I had to take her to school after missing the bus she said she got a little lost but asked someone for help and found the room. That is HUGE for Ella! Then I asked her if people liked her hair-do (she was really excited about it) and she said, "YES! When I walked in everyone said 'OOHHHH!' and then they said 'Cool flower headband!'"
My mom used to do fun things like braid my hair around my head when I was little and I LOVED the attention I got whenever she did it.
I think after one week of school Ella already seems more confident. Check out her singing after having ONE music class in school :-).


Katie B said...

Oh my golly, I love that picture of Preston!

"Don't eat your make-up mommy!" Cracks me up!

Annemarie said...

That sweet little stage is my favorite!

Michaelson Family said...

I can't believe that happened to her lip! Holy cow, I bet it bled like crazy. It is so awful with your kids get hurt.
You take such cute pictures. I love reading up on your blog.
Hope all is well!