Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is How we Roll

I'm doing my best to live up these days when the girls actually think it's cool to be matching.
(notice Addie is actually looking at the camera sometimes now!!!)
Here are my little twinners.
Preston thinks that rolling over is the coolest thing around now. I can't get him to stay on his back!
Roll #1
So Proud!!!
Let's do it again! (Preston also loves holding his toes lately)
And some more of Preston's cute little silly faces :-).
I have many more pictures to post from the last few days, but that's all for now folks.


Cheryl Joy said...

Preston is getting cuter everyday. :)

Annemarie said...

A rolling baby = a very happy baby! It's almost as exciting as sitting up!
I love the faces he makes. Such a cutie.

KelleyAnne said...

He is so precious!

Heather said...

A roller - how fun that you got pictures of each part of the Roll! He is so cute and I also prided myself on matching all three of my girls for years because it was just too cute and fun!

Lindsey said...

Those rolling pictures are perfect. I love how happy and proud he looks. Also, I love those pics from your Utah trip. It looks like you guys had a blast it's fun to see Sara and Liz too! Hven't seen them forever!

Kayley said...

love those little jeans!