Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Because this was more fun

I decided to stay up late tonight to get things done - I really just need more hours in my days- but I have spent the last hour writing down memories of my grandparents that I don't want to forget. Mike's sweet Grandpa Freeman had a stroke on Sunday. He is home now recovering but it has started me thinking about grandparents in general and how wonderful they are. Our children are SO lucky to have been able to meet and get to know 6 great-grandparents and have such close relationships with their Nana, Grandad, Meema and Papa. We love them all!!!
So, I didn't get anything done I was planning on, but it has been fun to think back about all of my own grandparents...
(ignore any spelling or grammatical errors, it's late)
Grandma and Grandpa Miner
-I remember Grandma Miner always having her delicious potato soup ready and waiting for us no matter what time we arrived when we would drive up to UT from CA to visit them.
-I remember how much she missed Grandpa Miner after he died and how excited she was to be with him again.
-I remember how much she loved the Golden Corral. When I was at BYU we would go there quite often when I would visit her. Once she told me, "If I was any other restaurant, I would just shut down and go to the Golden Corral!" :-)
-I remember watching Grandpa Miner test his blood and get to eat M&M's (he was diabetic) and I thought he was a pretty lucky guy.
-I remember they sent us boxes at Christmas time when we were little and feeling special despite how many grandchildren they had.
-I remember Grandma's purplish hair color when I was in college and how she'd kind of pat it while we talked.
-I remember being thankful that I had the chance to get to know her better when I lived in UT and feeling sad that I didn't go see her more often. I am thankful that Mike got to meet her.
Grandma and Grandfather Partridge
-I remember thinking they were the coolest grandparents around...they had a fun house with fruit trees and places to explore, Grandma was into sports, Grandfather was a surfer (and I remember being shocked and embarrassed he had a Sex Wax sticker in their garage-a surf brand), they had cool cars and they had been to amazing places around the world.
-I remember my special dates...I specifically remember going to see the Gremlins movie. I felt really big to stay with them all by myself and get to do fun things all alone with them.
-I remember Grandma flying out and going to one of my big club volleyball tournaments in Colorado. It was me, my mom and my grandma. They came to other big events too, but I remember that being a special one.
-I remember every room of their house in San Diego...all of us in the kitchen watching yummy food get prepared, the swinging doors going from the dining room area to the kitchen that seemed like they were out of a western movie, the cool big TV in the family room -with the big lights in front of it that we would touch and I'm sure we weren't supposed to (and the cabinet with toys in it next to the TV, just like they have now and my girls play in), eating fancy dinners in the dining room, the big bed in their bedroom, the blue and white guest room where Mack and I would stay and find the little bags of mints with black licorice in them hidden in the back of the closet. We would eat the mint part and then spit the licorice out because it was gross. I remember Grandfather's ham radio room and being completely curious about how it worked, listening to the static sound and the beeps and watching him work and talk to people around the world. I remember the other extra room with all the crafty stuff in it and I remember sitting there when my mom and grandma talked and being one of the girls.
-I remember they gave us a penny collectors book on one visit and sitting in one of the rooms digging through a big pile of change trying to find all the different years to put in my book. I kept those books in my desk drawer FOREVER.
-I remember long nights of games with Grandma... and Grandfather opting out :-).
-I remember thinking my grandfather was one of the smartest people around (and I still do).
-I remember Grandma really knowing who I was and what I liked and was in to at any given time.
Granny (Great-Grandma)
-I remember the feel and smell of her house.
-I remember there was always a bowl of Andes mints on the coffee table and I loved them.
-I remember playing with all the old toys that we thought were so cool in the room off the main room.
-I remember how she always looked so elegant with her hair up in her bun, her jewelry and her Asian looking outfits. (were they Asian, or was that a childhood impression of them?)
-I remember she always seemed so small and delicate.
-I remember she always sent a card with a $5 check in it for special occasions and signed it "Grandma Flora"...and it was always $5, no matter what it was for or how old we got :-).
-I remember watching her play the piano and how amazing she was even as she got so old.
-I remember how proud she was of me when I played and not wanting her to know when I decided to quit because I knew she would be disappointed.

And a random memory: I remember spending one Christmas at my grandparent's house. Mack and I always woke up EARLY on Christmas morning (we would even set our alarms for 3am or 4am) and this time as we sat up talking and waiting I decided at some point to go downstairs and check out what Santa brought. I was not the type of child to do this typically (from what I remember anyway :-) and I remember seeing our gifts displayed and then hearing footsteps coming down the stairs. I freaked out and didn't know what to do so I ran and hid behind the door of their laundry room. My dad found me and I don't even remember if I got in trouble. I just remember feeling bad about doing it and how it wasn't nearly as exciting to go downstairs with everyone later because I already knew what was there. I never cheated again!


Kayley said...

I liked this! I don't have many memories of Grandpa Miner or Granny as you do so I loved reading yours.

Annemarie said...

I think it is so great that you did this. You do have amazing grandparents!

Diane said...

I loved this, Marci. I am so glad you did it because it will be preserved in your bound blog book now. I am going to do a future post honoring my memories of my grandparents. I am sure I have forgotten quite a few, good for you for doing it now when memories are fresher....and how nice that your grandparents are able to read it.

Diane said...

Oh, and I am stealing that photo of those 3 cute babies on the pile of pumpkins. I just love pumpkin patch photos. the one of Addie peeking out of the hay is priceless too.

kelley said...

Thanks for the memories, Marci. It was so much fun reading your thoughts. Those mints in the back of the closet, were from Italy. Mike brought them back. He was thinking of selling them in the U.S...Good thing he didn't pursue it. Since you and Mack did'nt care for them.... I have more comments but I will tell you in person

Cheryl Joy said...

I love stories about you all growing up. Mark reminisces sometimes and he gets this priceless look on his face.

The words I always use to describe your family when people ask are "all-American" and "golden."

Can't wait to see you!