Friday, October 9, 2009

Diaper Study

I have participated in quite a few diaper studies with this company and it is the absolute best deal EVER! They send you diapers to try (which have been all different brands...Walmart, Luvs, Pampers), you fill out a short questionnaire afterward, they call to get your answers and then they send you a $10 check for participating! You can't beat FREE diapers AND $10!
I first learned about the surveys from the fabulous Melissa of Melissa's Bargain Blog.

This week I completed another of their surveys and the lady I was talking to told me they are currently doing studies for size 3 and size 6 diapers, so if you have children in either of those sizes (you can only participate in one at a time), give them a call!
ext 634, for boys
ext 646, for girls


janessa gibson said...

Thanks for the info Marci! Can't beat an easy way to get free diapers!

Sarah S said...

That's so cool!! Thanks for posting about it.

Diane said...

That is so cool. I remember diapers being a major and constant expense, it seemed like we had to run out and buy more every time I turned around.