Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy and We KNOW It

Happy Addie,
picked out her shoes to go to the library...
2 different princess shoes, both designed for her right foot
There are pros and cons to Addie using the bathroom all by herself :-). I am not complaining though! She's doing great!
Happy Preston,
well, he's always happy, but especially when he has some freedom to move and jump...


Happy Ella,
feeling SO big to be on a soccer team this fall...
Happy me,
to get everyone bathed and tucked in and finally be able to relax and eat some dinner...
But also happy that I was able to share in their happy moments of the day too.
Mike was working so I took all 3 kids to Ella's soccer meeting with me. Ella was of course fine and Preston was fine (although he was hungry so I was trying to feed him his bottle) and Addie was Addie. She ran around, ate dirt, stepped in fire ants and then ran away and just kept running. I called her a few times and waited thinking she would surely turn around at some point, but she never even looked back. Poor Preston was in the middle of his meal when I left him to run after her as she proceeded to make it 3 fields away into the middle of a for real soccer team's practice where the coach luckily snagged her before she got hurt.
Oh, Adeline :-).
I have a feeling keeping her off the field during Ella's games is going to be a full time job. It's a good thing everyone thinks she is so stinkin' cute and funny or they would all be really annoyed :-).


Brittany said...

I'm glad to hear they're all so happy, and they definitely are cute enough to get away with a lot of mischief ;)

Fowler family said...

oh my goodness, that Preston! He's got the cutest smile and that DIMPLE!!! He's totally gonna be a heartbreaker.

Jennifer Gibbs Kambourian said...

I LOVE PRESTON!! Can I borrow him for a few years? What a cutie!

Kayley said...

Isn't Preston really little to be up on all fours and moving around so much? He's SOOOOO cute!!! Can't wait to see him in a few weeks!