Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Last Ones

before the Halloween pics of tonight.
Friday fun at Ella's school...we hung out during reading time (it was my week to watch the kiddos) and then I went back later to help with Ella's Mad Lab (thanks to Emily watching Preston and Addie).
The lab, in kindergarten terms, was about heavy things sinking and light things floating.
After our small group did some experiments, the kids were shocked when the "mad scientist" put the pumpkin in water and it didn't sink!
Ella had pictures for soccer this morning and then a game not too much later.
I've been really trying to get her to have a better attitude about soccer (she has started a pouting thing that drives me crazy) and I told her as we drove to the game that she didn't have to play soccer again next year if she didn't want, but that while we were playing she should do her best and have a good attitude about it. I went on to say that we have to try different things to see what we like and what we are good at. We had just passed a little kid football game with little cheerleaders and she told me,
"Mom, I would be really good at being a cheerleader!
They made the parents wait far away, but I did get a picture of Ella waiting in line for her individual picture...she's #4.
On the way to the game Ella asked, "Is Grandad going to be there?!"
But no Grandad today - he is out of town :-(.
Watching a beetle in the grass - much more exciting than the game :-).
Ella is definitely making progress though. She is getting more comfortable on the field and doesn't hesitate when it is her turn to go play. And hey, falling and getting mud on her face and arms without freaking out is amazing :-)!
I was hoping Addie would take a nap since we would be up late tonight...
she had other plans...
much BIGGER plans.


Diane said...

Everyone looks sooo cute in their little coats and hats.

Christina Bambina said...

Oh yes!!! I can totally see her as a cheerleader! too cute!