Friday, October 2, 2009

Potty Progress

After our busy day Wednesday I decided to stay home all day yesterday (not to mention I have somehow managed to get a cold that no one else in the family has). After getting Ella off to school I thought, "Why not get Addie potty trained today too?"
We never officially potty trained Ella, we encouraged her and waited and eventually she did it. But the other night when Addie was able to make herself go on the potty in order to get a treat when she wanted to avoid eating her salad (we have always mentioned getting treats when she can go on the potty and kids definitely remember the things that interest them most), I knew she was capable despite the fact that she will play in a dirty diaper for hours until someone notices and changes her.
So, we made some lemonade and got drinking and playing.
She started out in pull-ups and wet 2 of them so we tried some panties instead. She started going in the panties but was able to stop and hold the rest until we got to the potty and in the end she ran around naked all day. Which worked like a charm.
I set the alarm on my phone for every 15 minutes initially and then stretched it out to 30 and other than a poop incident she didn't have any other accidents.
This morning she successfully told me before she needed to go and has done well overall. If I remind her she does great, otherwise she gets busy and forgets about it. So, we'll keep the pull ups on for now while she perfects her skill, but so far, so good! (and no pooping issues like Ella had!)
Hooray Adeline!
Nana stopped by in the afternoon with a congratulatory Halloween cat, which Addie appropriately named "Halloween Cat" and Preston showed off his mobility by rolling right over to her (picture below). We also put him in his Jumperoo and let him scoot and rock for her. It's amazing how long we can go without visiting each other despite how close we live!


Katie B said...

GO GO Addie!

Kayley said...

I'm glad she only had a few incidents- but that's too bad that one of them was a poop one :( Way to go Addie Girl!

Diane said...

That is such a cute Preston / Nana picture!

Good job Addie, you are such a BIG GIRL!

Leighanna, Reid and William said...

We are potty training this weekend too. It is kinda rocky today. He won't drink anything - like he knows it will make him have to pee! I'm not sure it will happen this time around - but here's to hoping. Go Addie though!!! It gives me hope! :o)

KelleyAnne said...

Yay Addie!

lolomae said...

The pictures of your children are so adorable, they help us fell we know them even as far away as Fresno,Ca. Thank you for sending the pictures of your family, also the drawings the girls did for us.

lolomae said...

oops.. I meant to type feel not fell.