Friday, October 30, 2009

Preston's 5 1/2 month stats...and his crawling action

Wednesday morning was Preston's check up. Never super exciting for him, but I was curious to see how big he was. He weighed in at 14 lbs. 15 oz (10-25th percentile), was 26.5 inches long (50-75th) and his head circumference is 43 cm (25-50th).
So basically, he is a long, lean, crawling we already knew :-).

Preston is still the happiest little guy around. He loves his bed, his pacifiers and soft blankets and animals to cuddle with (no preference for a particular one yet). He has to be part of the action and is VERY easily distracted when eating his bottles. He loves to talk, put things in his mouth and move all over and explore. Ella is still his biggest fan, but Addie has been warming up to him over the past few weeks. He smiles at her a lot and that has definitely helped :-). The poor little guy gets woken up from naps and towed around constantly on errands and activities, but he seems to be surviving. I love kissing his neck, night time cuddles when he has his last bottle of the night and making him laugh (which isn't very hard).


Katie B said...

Look at him go! What a stud!

Diane said...

Preston is soooo amazing! Genius child!

Kristin said...

Nope, no tail! I was thinking about get a 33 cent knee high and stuffing it, but I never got around to it!