Saturday, October 31, 2009

Preston's Par-Tay

The number of babies in attendance at story time triples on the day of the Halloween party...
you can't even see half of the people in this shot.
(that little Charlie Brown behind Miss Judy was the cutest little costume - they even had the hair drawn on his head)
I woke up Preston from a deep sleep to get to the party - we've got priorities around here - and he definitely didn't appreciate it. I couldn't get one smile out of him for a picture the whole un-Preston like! Maybe it's the costume? He sure doesn't like how it confines his little legs, which are constantly kicking or moving him around.
He did enjoy inspecting the hay though.
I don't give up easily and kept trying...hoping a new location would help, but no luck.
I'm sure Preston was very jealous of Addie, who didn't have to wear a costume and got to eat cupcakes instead.
We gave the pictures another shot with Taylor and she wasn't quite sure what to think of a baby chili pepper being propped up next to her...she definitely did NOT want to hold him, that's for sure :-). (notice her pushing him away in the last picture)
Miss Venitha thought he was adorable though :-)
Here's hoping picture taking tonight turns out much better!

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Cheryl Joy said...

He is the cutest little chili pepper ever!