Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Feeling Stripey and Snappy

Ella has wanted to learn how to snap for quite awhile. Periodically she would ask me to show her how and we would practice a little bit, but she didn't seem to be making any progress. Last week she came to me ecstatic to show me that she could snap now!!! She is so proud of herself and I catch her snapping as she reads books or watches TV. Today she told out of the blue, "Mom, did you know Grandad couldn't snap when he was 5?!" I asked her if he told her that and she said, "Yeah, at my soccer game." That was over a week ago so it definitely made her feel good :-).

One of my favorite things about fall and winter are fun stripey tights for the girls :-). I tried to include Preston in the striped fun too though!
I was helping at Ella's school and tried to sneak a picture of her really quick :-). It was fun to be able to hear her practicing her Spanish pronunciations with one of the Spanish speaking moms in the hall (I was working on English sight words with some other kids).
The girls and I were having some fun last night before bed.
First, I captured Ella's laugh on video, per Christina's request. (I was pretending to crash into the dresser, hence the other weird noises)

It is super dark when we tuck them in now with the time change and we were laying on the floor looking at their glow in the dark stars and Ella wanted a picture. We took picture after picture trying to get all our faces in the shot and it was quite a challenge...the first picture is with no flash, it was black in there, I couldn't tell where the camera was pointing or where Addie was.


Christina Bambina said...

that is HILARIOUS! thank you so much for sharing that with me! it brought tears to my eyes!!!!!

Cheryl Joy said...

So much fun.

I love their green room!

KelleyAnne said...

You're quite the "stunt" woman. The sound effects are awesome. I love Ella's laugh and her anticipation of your next funny move. Too cute.

Katie said...

I love the star gazing picture. What fun!!!!

Sara Jean said...

I love these videos. Marci, you are such a fun mom!

Heather said...

Those videos are so cute!
Elle would love my Parker as he walks around all the time without even realizing it as he snaps away! It is so funny!

Lindsey said...

Ella's laugh is adorable...and contagious! I'm watching this with Carter and he's cracking up watching her crack up. We had to watch it several times. :)