Monday, November 30, 2009

Mike aka: The Beast

We had a wonderful trip to FL and we are all thoroughly exhausted. We tucked the kids in at 6:30pm, Mike and I went to bed at 8:30pm and we all slept soundly as long as possible. Preston was only up for an hour before going back down for a nap and he has been sleeping 2 hours now. I have just started going through our pictures and I couldn't wait to post Mike as the Beast.
I hope you all find it almost as entertaining as the girls and I do :-)!
(I was trying to switch back and forth between video and pictures, but I caught most of it. I'm sad I didn't get on video Mike's attempts at roaring which Belle proclaimed were not loud and scary enough - it was Ella' favorite part)

So, we picked up some lunch and arrived early for Belle's story time to get a seat front and center. Mike was put in charge of taking pictures while I fed Preston his bottle. The show began...
Belle called some children up to participate on stage and then she said,
"...and the Beast. I see him sitting right there in the striped shirt and red hat!"
I was dying and Ella couldn't believe it :-)!



Katie said...

What a good Dad of little girls. I loved the enchanted look on Ella's face, and how Addie didn't look too sure about the whole thing. What a sport!

The Chrissy Herself said...

Ohhh that was joyful. I wonder if Belle regretted her decision after Mike's lackluster performance :-)

Brittany said...

Very entertaining! I love Ella and Addie's reactions and hearing your laugh behind the camera.

Hope said...

That's hilarious! I started laugh when I saw Ella's little 1st visit badge, I haven't watched the videos yet though.

Kayley said...

that made my night :)

Cheryl Joy said...

aaahhaha! That was awesome. I love Addie's blank stare as if she was thinking "what are they doing to my dad?"

Chalonn said...

Go ahead and tell Mike that Heber's belly hurt so bad from laughing when he saw this...I think Josh has some "competition"!

Christina said...

"and to make matters worse, we didn't get along, did we!?" (uh mike, she's talking to you!!) That was hilarious!

You laughing in the background is so funny!

Liz L said...

I was laughing so hard while watching those videos! Mike is such a good sport! Simone also liked watching the videos;)

Josh and Stephanie said...

Wow! Chalonn is right. Quit the day job and go for it Mike. You got all the right moves, especially that spin at the end. Excellent!