Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday Madness

Wake up at 4am and not fall back asleep despite exhausting weekend...check.
Get Ella ready and off to school...check.
Go to the grocery store...check.
Meet Amy and Mckell at Panera to catch up...check.
Resist temptation to eat gluten and order an orange juice...check.
Change Addie's poopy diaper while there...check.
Make it over to the fountain area without Addie getting hit by cars in the parking lot (barely)...check.
Manage to keep Addie somewhat dry for 10 minutes...check.
Give up and accept fact that I will have to go home and get her new cloths...check.
Miss most the conversation because I have to run after Addie...check.
Get at least one picture of little Preston while keeping an eye on Addie...check.
Get told by a woman from the shopping center that children have to keep their pants on in the fountain area now
(good luck with that in the summer!)...check.
Pick up new outfit for Addie before dropping the kids off at April's...check.
Get to Ella's class to volunteer but find out the teachers have a meeting that day...check.
Go back to April's to hang out for a little while...check.
Change Addie's poopy diaper again...check.
Leave the kids with April, head back to Ella's school for a parent teacher conference...check.
Have teachers tell me wonderful things about Ella and feel proud to be her mom...check.
Back to April's again, pick up kids...check.
Go to buckle in Addie but find she won't sit in carseat because she pooped AGAIN. change it...check.
Put kids down for naptime/quiet time, sit down, take a deep breath, watch Brothers and Sisters and eat lunch...check.
Do some laundry and load dishwasher...check.
Pick up Ella at bus stop...check.
Practice manual mode on the camera while the kids play in backyard...check.
Feel happy that Ella loves Preston so much but worry for his safety at the same time...check.
Enjoy watching watching the interactions of our little family...check.
Until Addie dumps wet leaves and berries on Preston's head and bursts out laughing. :-)
Poor Preston.
We even managed to squeeze in a quick family home evening (we are trying to get in the habit) and baths before bed.
I was SO glad we had leftover Mexican food for dinner, no work and no clean up...now if only a good show would come on Monday night!


Amy said...

I got exhausted just reading about your day! It was good to see you yesterday!

Katie B said...

I'm tired too! But I love Ella sweetly kissing Preston's head in the first picture. What a sister!

The Chrissy Herself said...

Good grief... That almost makes me feel guilty for using my job as an excuse for being lazy in the middle of the day and watching Ellen and Oprah back to back everyday. Almost. :-) I am trying to be really good about having homemade dinners every night so we go out to eat less and are a little healthier. And I will say, I honestly and truly think of YOU any time I am thinking about being lazy and (sometimes) that's all it takes to get me goin! ha :-)

Kayley said...

geez you're so busy! that last picture made me laugh :)

Michaelson Family said...

Mother of the year! Wow, you are busy. I am always amazed to read your blog b/c you update so often and have so much going on in your life. I love your smiley pictures of Preston. He is so fun!

Brittany said...

Wow you're schedule makes me nervous to have kids...so busy! I'm glad you had left overs tonight. I get lazy and only cook like 3 nights a week, then left overs, and once a week or every other week we eat out. It amazes me how much you cook and what a delicious variety you serve up!

Cheryl Joy said...

I loved this post. Good format, informative, but easy to read. I like your life. :)

Diane said...

Papa and I will take the babies to the park Saturday. You rest.

KelleyAnne said...

I love that swing Mike built. The kiddles were having so much fun on that today.

Sarah S said...

CUTE pictures, especially of Preston when you were practicing with manual. The grass detail in the one just under that sentence is really nice too.

Other comments -

1. Don't you love when random people tell you how you should be with your kids? (pants in the fountain lady)

2. And I hate the days when it feels like my kids are pooping constantly. I wonder where it all comes from?? Especially Eli, who barely eats.

Katie said...

My favorite picture is the one of Addie eyeing the puddle! Such a fun girlie!