Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Fun

So, last fall I became slightly obsessed with the Twilight series...
ok, ok, I definitely needed some counseling, but at least I can admit it right?!
I hadn't really wanted to read the books and when I finally gave in (reading all 4 in 3 days time) I LOVED them. I then read them again and then read Twilight one more time while I waited for the movie to come out. I was understandably majorly disappointed with the movie...SO many things were wrong. We did have quite a girls' night though and we were all excited about New Moon this year.
I could tell from the trailers that they had put more money and effort into this one and I loved almost everything about it (except can they get Edward to hit the gym PLEASE before they make movie #3...seriously dude, you know you have to take your shirt off and you are supposed to be a vampire comparable to marble...not sickly, withered, and get to work!). I still have obsessive issues with Twilight...I can't read the books, listen to the soundtrack or watch the movie without partly going back into my "I just want to run away and be a vampire" funk, so it had been over a year since I read them and I think that helped me not be too overly critical of the movie this time around.
I do think that overall this movie followed the book much better, the acting (especially at the beginning of the movie) was much better, the special effects were much better, and the cinematography was much better. I loved the colors in the scenes in Italy, I thought Aro was perfection - just what I imagined, Jacob was awesome, the wolf scenes were amazing, and Bella managed to not start irritating me until about half way through.
It was a fun, but exhausting night. I got home at 4am (because the true fans hit Denny's afterwards for more discussion) and I am just not cut out for all-nighters anymore! Mike left that day for California so my mom came to my rescue and spent the night at my house and helped me in the morning as I tried my best to wake up. I would have been heart-broken if I'd had to miss the show after all the anticipation, so thanks mom!!! (she and Hope also babysat for 5 hours yesterday while I went to work...I owe you guys!)

Most of our group met up at Mckell's last night. As I walked up to the front door I found this sign...
First photo-op of the evening :-). I really felt like I was going into this movie as a more mature fan, and apparently so did everyone else. No shirt-making, no driving in fast cars, just heading over to the theater.
Mckell, Allie, Leighanna, April, me and Emily (boo to Leighanna and April for having private blogs :-)
After the craziness we endured at Cinemark last year, Emily had the brilliant idea to head to the Alamo Drafthouse for the movie this year. It is a theater that serves food and drinks, and because of the drinks has an age requirement. This meant far less crowds, fewer teeny-boppers gushing over Edward and Jacob during the movie and a less-claustrophobic theater atmosphere because every row of seats had a table in front of it for your food.
It was almost a perfect scenario, except somehow I ended up sitting on the end of the line next to a 50-something year old woman who yelled out inappropriate things to Jacob during various parts of the movie, which was wrong on so many levels.
We ordered food and chatted while waiting for the movie to start. I ran into Ella's preschool teacher from last year too, it's so funny to see just how many people love these books.
Shannon and Cathy met up with us later at the theater.
I was very disappointed that half our group didn't stick it out and go to Denny's after the movie this year. I figured, I'm already going to feel like crap in the morning, so why not live it up :-).
Allie, Emily, April and I had a great time and since there wasn't as much to complain about this year,
we actually mostly just had fun girl talk instead.
Who's ready for Eclipse?!?!


Lindsey said...

Looks so fun! I can't wait to see it! This movie definitely looks better than the first. I have to admit I have an inappropriate crush on Taylor Lautner though. I'm a die hard Edward fan in the books but these movies may sway me over to the Jacob side!

Stephanie said...

I want to cry for missing and props to Allie for going all night while pregnant

Allie said...

We missed you Stephanie. I had so much fun Marci. Thanks for the pictures. I can always count on you. I especially love the last one, what a beautiful slouch I have.

Sara Jean said...

Fun Marci! It's so great that you have this close group of friends that like to do ladies night out!