Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Next Thing

I always think that after "the next thing" coming up in our lives, we'll be less busy and things will settle down, but I'm coming to realize that there is always something else waiting in the wings. We recovered from Halloween, this weekend had the pleasure to host my friend Janna, and next weekend we'll be off to San Antonio to visit with Mike's family!
Despite a busy schedule during her short time here, Janna and I were able to squeeze in some catching up, ate some yummy meals and Mike and I asked her TONS of questions about cameras (because she is after all an expert). Oh yeah, there may have been a few photoshoots involved too (try 7 AND a workshop!). Janna is one of those people who just makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself and I'm keeping my fingers crossed she'll move down this way eventually (you may have noticed, we do have a magnetic power to get our friends and family to Houston :-). Thank you so much for coming Janna...and a big thanks to her family for letting us borrow her for a weekend!
I only took a handful of pictures while she was here because really, what's the point when someone who is SO amazing is taking them too?! Obviously, I will like Janna's better! I'll post the ones I did take tomorrow. Here are some of each of the kids from last week though...
Ella Bella
(since she is gone all day long, her before school pictures are often the only ones I get of her)
Miss Adeline
(whose mean streak continues...hitting at church, school and home - and an occasional bite too - any suggestions?!)
and Prestont
(yes, I meant to put the "t" on the end)
(who wiggles and moves CONSTANTLY now and can always bring a smile to anyone's face...just look at his!)


chloe said...

all i can say is...once have THE cutest kids in the woorrrlllddd!!!!
i am so excited to see you guys next week:)

Diane said...

Marci, your first sentence could have (and often does) come out of my mouth. It is the story of my life: my primary motivation to do ANYTHING is to get it ALL done, so I can relax and enjoy having no pressure. I know it is impossible, but I still can't shake the desire to try.

p.s. It hit its peak when we had 3 children, the frustration of not getting it all done all the time really set in.

p.s.s. you do a remarkable job, I couldn't ask for a better momma to my grand babies :)

Cheryl Joy said...

There is a lot coming up this month.. and then the holidays are always busy. It'll be fun though. :)

I can't wait to see Janna's pictures! We see the kids so much, I'm excited to see some shots of the whole family.

The Chrissy Herself said...

I'm excited to see her pictures too... what camera did you decide on getting?

Can't wait to see the kidlets... and I'm even excited to see Addie's little mean streak :-)

See you soon!

Kayley said...

ok, where are the pictures Janna took? I'm dying to see them! :)

Sarah S said...

I wish you would post your notes from Janna's workshop! To answer your questions on my blog post - I have been using the Nikon 35mm 1.8 lens and really love it. Not really a portrait lens, but it takes sharp, clear, bright pictures. And I use some actions with Photoshop Elements (I like these: but also love editing w/ Aurora ( it is $20 and SO easy to use.

lolomae said...

Poor Addii has middle child syndrome. Preston took over her place ...sometimes all a child needs is a little more Mommie Time, not more activites. All Steve needed was an extra hug wakling down the hall to breakfast, every morning for a week or so. Hope this gives you some ideas.

Heather said...

I had a baby that loved to bite other children - totally unprovoked I might add! It was so embarrassing but she quickly grew out of it once she was reprimanded by someone other than her mother! It is so hard because it seems like a reflection on yourself - but you know it is not! They just all come down so different and have their own little personalities!
I am loving your little biters big glasses on her face! Good thing that she is so cute, right?