Friday, November 27, 2009

One From the Road

We made it to St. Augustine this afternoon and are relaxing in the AMAZING beach house my family is all staying in for the time being (the people Cheryl nannies for own it) and I just had to share the highlights of the trip so far...
Disney World was amazing and exhausting, but the best part of the day was Mike being called up to the stage during Belle's story time to be the Beast! If you know Mike, you know he would rather not have :-), but Ella's face watching him up there was priceless! Don't worry I have pictures and video of it to post when we get home.
Today I had quite a poop incident with Addie in a public restroom. Ella was in the stall with us and as I tried to figure out how to proceed without causing more of a problem, Ella said to me, "It's hard to be a mom!" I agreed whole-heartedly and thought, it must be bad for a 5 year old to come to that conclusion :-)!
We can't wait for the wedding tomorrow!


Christina said...

And I can't wait for some pictures!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I take it that you don't wear high-high heels from the post!!! But I guess it has to do with the fact that I'm reeeeally short and need them so that I don't look like a kid!!! ;-) from the looks of it, your beautiful long legs can pull off nice comfortable cute flats, and still look like an adult!!!! XOxo

Have fun at the wedding!!!

Ps: did Ella's class get my postcard yet??

Heather said...

Oh my gosh your family picture is darling and I clicked on the link to
your friends website and that picture with Preston smiling and you two kissing is just the cutest thing!