Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's Not Said

Anyone wondering how Addie's potty training is going? if I'm back in shape again? if Addie's still hitting? Maybe not :-). The truth is I haven't given any updates on these issues because Addie is not going on the potty anymore (except very occasionally), I haven't worked out (except for those few weeks when I blogged about it) and Addie was hitting a little boy at recipe swap yesterday repeatedly.
The potty training is completely my fault. I just don't have the time or energy to stop what I'm doing every 30 minutes and have her go. Most the time I don't really care anyway, but lately she has been pooping 3-4 times a her pull-up...and I hate it! Someday.
I was doing well running in the mornings and going to walking group, but then it got hot again and I got a cold and Preston started sleeping all night so he wasn't my alarm clock anymore and Mike and I decided I shouldn't be running alone in the dark and you get the picture...there were plenty of excuses. But Preston turns 6 months old tomorrow (HOW?!?!) which means I can join 24 hour fitness because it is a much more affordable alternative to Lifetime (which I will miss forever because it's amazing there) but it also means I need to come up with a new schedule that allows some quality "me" time...not a bad thing. (not to mention I'd really love to be able to wear my winter clothes again)
As for Addie's hitting though, there is only so much I can do...right?! I'll be glad when this phase passes. I think she likes to get a reaction out of her victims and she likes the attention of all the adults rushing to their rescue and to her punishment. In good Addie news I have finally found a way to make her listen and follow the rules around our house...threaten her blankie. I only had to take it away twice for her to know I was serious. Now if I say, "Do this or I'm taking your blankie away. 1...2...." it's done before I get to 3. Hallelujah! Baby steps.
Addie told me she made "lots of belly buttons" in the play doh.
Preston has a little cold and has been sleeping on his back more often because he can breathe easier (he didn't tell me, but I'm assuming :-). He just looks so cute sleeping so peacefully. Those Christmas jammies are some Kayley got for Ella when she was a baby and last night I went in to check on him and the feet of them were twisted all crazy because his feet were up in the legs. He moved when I tried to get a picture so they don't look as funny, but I do love that he is all stretched out.


Eric, Janae, Kallie, Sadie said...

Marci, your life sounds a lot like mine, hitting, potty training, exercising, etc. I'm glad I'm not the only one growing through it!

Laurie said...

Hey I go to 24 hour, we could be treadmill buddies ;) I love the belly buttoned play doh!

Allie said...

I actually wondered about Addie's potty "goings" when you talked about her many diapers a few posts back. I figured there was a story and meant to ask. Good to know she can do it though when the time is right. Cute Preston. Can't wait for next week. Who do I pay?

Kayley said...

We're probably going to get our gym membership at 24 too when we get there- maybe we can go to some classes together!

Annemarie said...

Potty training, hitting lack of exercise...all real life problems. They will all work out when the time is right!

Sara Jean said...

I LOVE sleeping babies!!! Preston looks so, so, so cute in those little jammies.

Jasper pushed a kid at the zoo today and the little boy (who is a whole year younger than J) fell on this face and had all these leaves and mud stuck all over his face, eyelashes, mouth, neck, etc. It was horrifying. I felt so bad. So, in other words, I know how you feel and how embarrassing it is as a parent when your kid hits and pushes.

Brittany said...

So I guess Lifetime caught on to the membership pass you were using? Lifetime would be hard to beat.

And isn't it funny how you can finally find the one thing that a child will behave for? I have a student who will not comply for me at all no matter what I bribe or threaten him with except when I say "I'll tell you're teacher not to give you a snack today!" Works like a charm.

Stephanie said...

I love how I totally relate to that post. Except for the hitting, you and I have the same life. Seriously, the only time I was doing good exercising was when I would go after feeding ella in the morning. I found a workout video, but most nights it is way to late and I'm way to tired. I'm really sad about how big I still am. I started to change a lot when Ashley was 6 months and I regularly went to the gym, good luck! I'm really sad about not being there for New Moon - really, it is pathetic how much I care that I"m missing out. Normal people shouldn't care that much, it isn't just the movie and the Twilight obession, I will really miss how much fun it was last year. O

KelleyAnne said...

Just remember Marci...this too shall pass. I LOVE that picture of Miss Ella and the American Flag.
So precious!