Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ella's Last Game

Saturday afternoon was Ella's last soccer game of the season. Nana and Grandad braved the cold (it was the day after the snow remember) to come cheer her on with me. I am proud of Ella for sticking with it and she really started to like playing towards the fact she even told me she wanted to play again (especially after I described more of what a cheerleader has to do - yell and dance in front of people :-).
Practicing and Warming up Before the Game...
With her Best Buddy on the Team, Abby...
Listening for the New Line-Up after Rotation and in Goal with Grandad there for Support...
She Stopped some Balls in the Goal this Game!!!
With her Adoring Fans :-)...
FINALLY, the Trophy! The thing that kept her going during the rough parts of the season :-).
She LOVES it!
We also got her soccer pictures after the game and I thought her little individual shot turned out SO cute!


Cheryl Joy said...

Aww, that picture is adorable!
Good job Ella!

Liz L said...

So cute!

Diane said...

Good job Ella! You are an awesome soccer player!