Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heard Recently...


From Addie:
- She has been doing this for awhile, but I keep forgetting to write it down: She adds an "n" to the end of "here" and "there" (ex: Is my blankie over theren?)
- Herbie (our little elf) = "Curvy"

From Ella:
- "Is it thirteen or the other thirteen?" (heard while we were working on one of our advent calendars...I knew she said 13 and 14 the same, but didn't realize she thought it was the same number twice until then :-)
- She has been doing this one for awhile and it cracks me up. If she wins a game or contest she says, "I beated them up!" or "I beated Addie up!" I keep explaining that the phrase is "I beat them" (and that it isn't really a nice thing to say either way), but no luck yet. She just said it again tonight.
- Randomly the other day she told me, "If you take Herbie's clothes off, you will get no toys because it will be SO embarrassing!"

-I also wrote down the phrase, "Come on! Come on!" but I can't remember why.
-When we drive around to look at Christmas lights and we see a house with LOTS of lights they both say, "They have been working hard!!!"

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