Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here it is!!!

Thank you to Jennie for posting my favorite song from the concert!!! Each song was a carol of a different origin (we had a French carol, a Nigerian carol, etc.) and this, Sweet Little Jesus Boy, is an African American carol.
Liz was AMAZING! I wish you could have all heard her in person!
Watch it...NOW!!!


The Chrissy Herself said...

How does she sing so powerfully and so effortlessly? That was gorgeous :-) We weren't allowed to clap at the Messiah (I thought because it was inside of the chapel) but it definitely made it awkward after good performances like that!

Diane said...

That was very moving. So beautiful. I wish I could sing like that, she is amazing. I love how this event brings the community together. Just imagine if every LDS church paired up with another local denomination like this, it would go a long way toward better understanding of each other. This event symbolizes the true spirit of Christmas.

Marti said...

Thanks for posting all these songs on your blog. I wasn't feeling well at all the night of the concert. I did see Liz's performance on YouTube, but not the others.(I was so sad not to see Liz sing in person, she's my favorite singer). You have an amazing blog! Glad someone told me you had these on here!