Friday, December 4, 2009

Hooray for Snow

It's's's Houston, TX!
Ella's coming home early from school and she is going to be thrilled!
Hooray for snow at Christmas time :-)!


Katie B said...

I was sitting here all grumpy because I thought I'd moved away from the snow, gosh darn it. But then I saw Addie's smiling face and I couldn't help but appreciate the weather a little bit :)

Diane said...

That picture is sooo cute! It is supposed to snow here today...I hope it does! I just can't figure out Texas weather.

Cheryl Joy said...

It's SNOWING?!?!? I didn't know Texas got snow. I hope it snows when we come for Christmas!! I've never seen it!

Adams Family said...

yay!! what a cute pic. :)
all we got were some flurries today...and it was sunny. weird!!

i LOVE your new family picture! what an amazing job she did...and what a darling family ya'll are. i wish i could've made it over to houston for that photo class she time!

thanks so much for the canvas info! what an awesome deal. I love your blog!! :)

Sarah S said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the snow! We're supposed to get a nice amt tonight and over the next couple of days... hooray for a white December :)