Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Hard to be Addie

...and it's hard to be her mom sometimes too!

I have finally gotten back into a workout schedule this past week at our new gym.
(Just a side note...Kayley has been meeting us there every once in awhile too (I'm hoping she'll join!). Monday night we went to a Zumba class together and it was hilarious. Neither of us are very natural dancers :-). I think my face got as good of a workout as the rest of my body from smiling and laughing the entire class)
This morning I was excited to try out a new class. I left Preston at home with Mike so he could nap if he wanted and took the girls with me. About half way through the class a child care worker came in asking for Marci Freeman. "Oh great, Addie pooped." was my first thought. However the worker then told me Addie would have to leave the gym because she bit a little boy. The teacher helped me put away all my equipment and told me "It happens to us all." when I told her why I had to leave.
The scary part for me is that if she does it again she isn't allowed to come back to the child care for 2 weeks (the first "offense" is only 24 hours).
When I tried to get the whole story from Ella she said Addie was hitting the boy, he put his finger in her mouth and she bit it. Obviously, Addie shouldn't have been hitting him, but I also think the workers should have separated them before the biting happened. (I really, really miss the workers at Lifetime)
What to do with this child, I don't know.
Hopefully it won't happen again though, because I would really love to get back in shape before Preston turns 1!
Oh, Adeline.


Brittany said...

Seems like they should have stopped him when he went to put his finger in her mouth, with all the germ and H1N1 scare. Doesn't sound like they were watching too closely.

rusted sun said...

I wish I had some insight for you, my kids are biters too. They usually play well together, but sometimes things get out of hand and they bite. Maya often has baby teeth marks on her arm. Somehow they have learned that if they really want something they can bite and the win.
Hopefully Addie is old enough you can at least talk with her about it and try to get her to stop.

Kayley said...

that's crazy! I think it's sort of funny that she "had to leave the gym" though. I know it is hard/frustrating for you now... but when she's grown up it will be fun to tell her about how she got you all kicked out of the gym for biting. :)

Christina said...

I agree that they should have been watched more closely. Enough Said!

PS: We got your card! LOVE IT! It's pinned to our card tree... and it's the first (and only) one! Things have gone crazy here with the post, there has been a really bad storm up north and most of the major airports from London UK, to Florence Italy have been closed for days now. That also means my husband's gift probably won't make it for Xmas..... (I ordered it online from the UK) boo hoo!

Sarah S said...

I'm so sorry - biting is a hard one. Especially when you're not there! I agree that the workers should have noticed what was going on before it escalated to the biting.

And why was the kid putting his finger in her mouth in the first place?? As a response to her hitting him? Kids are so strange sometimes. I hope it's just a one-time thing there for your sake!

Stephanie said...

Oh Addie...poor Marci