Monday, December 14, 2009

The 16th Annual Christmas Concert

Last night was the 16th Annual Christmas Concert with the combined choirs of Epiphany Catholic Church and our church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Last year was my first year participating and this year my little sister Hope came and sang alto too so we were able to go to all the practices together. They alternate each year having the actual performance at the 2 different churches, and this year it was at our building. The stage and audience seating arrangements aren't as well-suited for such large numbers of people, but apparently the acoustics are better.
Mike was a trooper and recorded the songs for me :-)! We downgraded the quality of the videos so we had more recording time available and although we got all the choir pieces, we are still missing the instrumentals and my very favorite song (I hadn't heard it before last night so I didn't know how good it would be or I would have had skip one of the choir ones to get it). I'm trying to find a video of it, but if not, someone did make an audio recording for us all and when I get the CD I can at least put the audio up. It was called Sweet Little Jesus Boy and was sung by Liz with a small ensemble backing her up. It was AMAZING!!! I cried and Mike said it was his favorite too.
Update...view it here!
Here are the songs in the order they were sung during the concert and sorry about the sound quality on the last one - I think the organ was too much for our little camera to handle (I personally like the songs overall better last year).

It was a late night for the kiddos (my dad watched Preston at their house and he didn't sleep the whole time, stinker!), but they made it through. I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to participate in the program again! It is such a fun experience.
On the way home from the church Mike saw this crazy house down a street and we turned to get a better look. The pictures don't do it justice! Every inch of their lawn was covered by was great!


The Chrissy Herself said...

Zacho and I went to our Stake's Messiah performance this year and we were both surprised at how great it was. They had a big orchestra (they took out the first 3 rows of pews in the chapel to fit them all) and the choir was HUGE and loud and sounded great. The soloists were very talented as well, but I start to lose my focus when they sing because it's so opera sounding that I get irritated :-)

Cheryl Joy said...

Sounds like a fun and festive evening. It's so neat that the two churches join together for a Christmas celebration. :)

Christina said...

See these are the things I miss out on over here..... and I really really miss this of the Christmas spirit. I always used to sing and enjoyed it very much.... thanks Mike for recording everything and thank you Marci and Hope for doing such a good job and sharing some of the Christmas spirit with all of us!