Thursday, December 17, 2009

Me, and My Bad Attitude

I have realized over the past few years that I now hate learning new things.
I used to like it...the challenge, the practice, the feeling of accomplishment. The fact that it didn't typically take me very long probably helped too, but now I just get frustrated. I feel like at this point in my life I should already know how to do the things I want to do. I think my brain is less willing to accept new information and change the way it has been programmed. I hate that I am like this and I know I need to just get over it!
Case in point, photography.
I had decided that if I couldn't have a nice camera yet, I may as well get going on learning more about all the photography concepts like aperture, shutter speed, etc. The problem is that I'll mess around in manual mode a few times and then a week or two goes by before I do it again so then I have to try and remember which setting controls what all over again. The only one I feel like I completely understand is shutter speed.
Monday morning the bus was running late so I started to play around with it. The problem is although I know I like this picture:
more than this picture:
I have no idea which settings were different when I took them :-).
So, there is nothing left to do than practice some more.
Patience...something I desperately need!
And in case you're curious, the other thing that tops my wish list is being able to speak Spanish.


Amber said...

If you go into the properties of the picture, it will tell you what every setting was at when the picture was taken. Hope that helps!

Annemarie said...

You are being waaay to hard on yourself. I think our brains get so side tracked when we're raising small kids...some days I'm grateful I remembered to get dressed, etc.
Speaking Spanish would be very cool. I have no doubt you will master both photography and Spanish in no time.

Cheryl Joy said...

I like shooting with a really low aperture, because that is what gives you crisp focus in the foreground and the blurry, ethereal background. It works really well if you are close to what you're shooting too.

The camera my friend let me borrow, a Nikon D60, is like $500. I'm going to save up for one because I don't even like using my camera anymore.

Marci said...

I already deleted the pics from my camera so I don't think I can go back and check them now...hopefully my camera will even let me do that. I know Janna could do that on her pictures.
Thank you, Annemarie :-).
Cheryl, that was a good explanation of aperture and I bet the first pic I posted had lower aperture. That was what I liked better about it, the blurry background...and that it was a little brighter. Aperture is what I have the hardest time getting my head around.
We are hoping to get a camera as a belated Christmas present for each other, but we'll see how things are going. I'm keeping my fingers crossed :-)!

Cheryl Joy said...

Also, the lower the aperture number, the bigger it actually is (the whole the picture is being taken through). So in addition to that neat blurry background, it also allows for more light.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too! ;)

Amber said...

Oh sorry, I meant the properties on the image that's saved on your computer.

Diane said...

I hear you, Marci. I probably could take a lot better pictures if I would just take the time to learn what my camera is capable of doing.

Sarah S said...

The only trick w/ low aperture though is that sometimes it lets in too much light. Or you get some blur. But I love my prime lens for the reason that it lets in a ton of light and takes pictures quickly.

I get really frustrated with myself too. Photog. isn't always an obvious, easy thing to figure out. The pros make it look easy though!! I think you take great pictures. Keep messing with your camera and I know you'll start remembering the settings you used that turned out well in the various settings... I always use very different settings when we're outside vs. inside.

Christina said...

See, with photography I now have a love / hate relationship. I miss the old reflex (non digital) cameras. I still think those took the better pictures or, since we couldn't look at the picture right away and choose to delete it if we liked it or not, We actually had to think about what we were doing with the camera, find the right setting, light ,background whatever and take the darn picture and keep our fingers crossed that when we developed it, it would turn out just puuuurfect! Now all that anticipation is gone, things seem simple, but they actually just get more complicated (like the blurriness in some pictures even if you have it on automatic focus!!)

I hear ya on this one Marci, but I think your brain is trained more than most people's. You can juggle many things at the same time, have 3 children under the age of 6, still have time to take pictures, write things down aaaaaaaand "lament"! ;-) I must say, you remind me of your Mother in so many ways. And one of them is that you are truly amazing, like she is.

Love, Christina